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Wedding Transport.

6:03 PM 6/20/2024

Wedding transport is far diffferent fom the normal transport facility.
In the Jaffna Tamil weddings it can be divided in to three categories such as;
Transporting Bride groom to the wedding hall.
Bride transport to the wedding hall.
Transport of Priest and Wedding Registrar to the Hall.
Wedding guests Transportation to the wedding hall, those who had came to the homes of the Bride and Groom to participate in the wedding..
All these transporting should be done in a timely manner. Also check about the traffic on the route to the wedding Hall and take alternative routes, if necessary.

In addition Transport for the Wedding Registar too should be provided, if the Registrar had requested for transport to the Wedding Hall from her/his Residence.
Car for the newly married couple to get back to the Bride's home.
Good family cars can be used for this purpose and it will save lot of money for the Tamil Bride and Groom on the wedding transport expenses.

So there is no difficulty in finding wedding cars and buses on hire basis. Check with the wedding hall owners about their standby electric generator availability for the function.

After the wedding function Newly married couples used to ride on a bicycle, decorated Three wheeler, Tractor, Bullock cart, Horse driven cart and on other vehicles which the Bride Groom and his friends decide on the vehicle to parade after the wedding.
In Jaffna you can find many Colombo - Jaffna operating Luxury busses to be idle during the day time. The bus owner or the bus driver will be happy to operate in the off time to run for the wedding. They need the bus in the evening only to prepare it to run on the route in the night time.

Wedding Transport Sri Lanka

Many families use the chauffeur driven limousine services as the transport mode for the bride and the groom from their homes to the wedding halls. After the marriage they both can get back to their home in one of the limousine with the wedding group.. Hiring one of the limousines may be expensive one for some families although this is once in a life time event. So many families decide to rent one of it, even if it is a costly hire. You can select white or black color one that comes with many interior features. Normally a Limousine can accommodate 7 passengers and the interior is fully air conditioned and have refrigerator and live TV too.

Still there is option for the bride and the groom to hire one helicopter for their wedding day. It is expensive for Sri Lanka life style although many people are getting one for their wedding day hired through the travel agents. They are charged for distance, number of passengers and the waiting time. Make sure there is a helipad near to the wedding hall. If it is available in the Hall area it will be a good one.

For the guest transport you can arrange luxury coach service where 48 passengers can seat with full air-condition facility is available. The coach is charged by KM distance while there will be waiting charge too will apply by the owners of the coaches. If the wedding is taking place in Colombo you have to plan the trips with the heavy traffic of the Colombo city. Some time even on Sundays there used to be a big rush on the Colombo streets. So it may delay the people to be at the Hall before the auspicious time.

If you are going to hold the wedding event in a Hotel in the night time, it is your duty to provide safe transport to the guests. Because these days gold price is very high and the women attending the wedding used to wear valuable Jewels for the event. Otherwise each and every guest will have to spend lot of money for their safe transport up and down.

In Tamil weddings that are taking place in Canada and USA, wedding party use to hire Helicopters to transport Bride and Groom to the wedding venue in lavish style.
In Sri Lanka most of the families that are going to have wedding functions used to hire cars on daily rental basis.

Due to high cost of fuel price in Sri Lanka, rental price for the wedding vehicles had gone up. Also the driver's salary too had gone up. Due to this the total transport cost of the wedding too will go up.

limousine Transport Sri Lanka

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