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5:11 AM 6/24/2024

Wedding cars are mostly selected by Grooms for to use on their wedding day. Most of the Rich people use their own luxury cars for their home weddings. While others used to rent out wedding cars from private people or from wedding car renting companies. People are spending lot of money to get their favorite car for this occasion from the car rental service providers. Most of them prefer white colored Limousine for their weddings. Latest model, white Benz car with decorations will cost around Rs 40,000/- for 8 hour wedding function. And for each additional hour you have to pay Rs 3,000/-. The vehicle should be booked at least one week before the wedding ceremony. Inaddition they will ask whether you like to it decorated by them. Also a Km limitation too will apply. You have to pay for the additional Km if there is any. If the car is to be decorated by the car owner, and then extra cash should be paid for the decoration servide.

Wedding Parties coming from Colombio Airport can hire Toyata Dolphin and KDH vans at the airport arrival lounge for a fixed price.

Sri Lanka Government allows wedding functions to be celebrated in full swing. Meanwhile due to high cost of living that had affected the economy, rental prices of the vehicles too had gone up sharply. In this year 2024 the fuel price had came down in Sri Lanka and even though the rental prices had gone up. So the wedding car rental had gone up along with the guests transporting vans and busses. Due to the fuel price all the other product prices too had gone up.

Currently, in London, UK Tamil grooms used to arrive to the wedding venue in a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Jaguar driven by themself followed by their friends' sports cars.

Popular Wedding Cars, Sri Lanka.

  • Limousine (Limo)
  • Luxury cars
  • Antique cars

In Sri Lanka horse drawn carriages too are available on rent for the wedding ceremonies, specially in large 5 Star Class Hotels.
Elephant ride too can be arranged for the Groom and for the newly married couple.

Cars are necessary for the Bride and the Groom when they are ready to attend the wedding ceremony at the wedding halls. Best beautiful expensive wedding cars are seen as the pride of the Bride and the Groom in Tamil wedding ceremonies. They can be hired at high rate On the wedding day, Groom starts fasting from morning till the marriage ceremony is over. He will be given bath by the elders at an auspicious time. His ear ring wearing ceremony will take place and after that he will get dressed in his new clothes and along with his Best man ("Mappillai Tholan"), normally the bride's youngest brother.

Early days, Groom used to go on a White horse, with traditional Tamil band "Mangala waththiyam" and English Brass Band playing Tamil songs. At all the junctions they will put a lot of fire crackers till to the wedding hall. After marriage they will come back with the same setup, but on the horse back both are sitting together. Later years groom started to travel in cars traditionally decorated as swan or dove shaped and fitted on the front of the convertible car, where everyone can have a good look of the Bridegroom. In Sri Lanka newly married couples used to go on decorated Three Wheel, Bullock Cart, Tractors and Bicycles when coming out of the wedding Halls.

Wedding Car

Wedding Cars

Today times had changed. Bride Groom is driven to the wedding hall, in a chauffeur driven latest air conditioned Benz car, with his suite hanging inside of it. Many companies are providing this wedding car rental service for the Sinhala and Tamil wedding ceremonies in Colombo and in all the other important cities in Srilanka. The car rental service will send the car to the venue, with beautiful decorations made with flowers colorful clothes and ribbons hanging all around the car and over the hood. The car will be sent at the required time and place with well dressed driver - chauffeur.

Wedding car decorations.

Wedding car decorations are provided by professional decorators and by the local flower shops. Youngsters in the family come forward and do the decoration works with special designs on the wedding car. Likewise the Bride too arrives in a luxury car to the wedding hall with her people. The wedding cars will be parked at the wedding hall till the ceremonies end. Once the ceremonies are over, one of the well decorated wedding cars will take the newly married couples to the bridegroom's home with all the gifts which they received at the time of their wedding. Now a day's lots of people are using hired Limousine for the wedding ceremony and some wealthy Tamil people living in Europe did went even further and used to hire private Helicopters for their weddings. Recently some couples are seen using rented out helicopters for their wedding ceremonies. They used to land it on the helipad of the wedding Hall or Hotel. Renting of helicopter is expensive in Sri Lanka although families used to hire them to show their wealthy status on their wedding day.

Best wedding cars for hire in the USA. (Rates are on hourly basis)

  • Maserati Quattroporte: $160/Hour
  • Aston Martin Vanquish: $340/Hour
  • Austin Princess: $250/Hour
  • Beauford Open Tourer: $330/Hour
  • Bentley Arnage: $225/Hour
  • Bentley Flying Spur: $290/Hour
  • Mercedes Maybach: $185/Hour
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud: $200/Hour
  • Rolls Royce Silver Dawn: $300/Hour

Wedding Transport.

Check - Jaffna Tamil Wedding with Luxury Cars.Video.



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