Horoscope Matching in Tamil Matrimony.

7:30 PM 10/10/2018

Horoscope Matching in Tamil Matrimony in Srilanka Tamil Matrimony clearly believes in the reading of Astrology. Match making between a Tamil bride and Tamil bridegroom usually carried out by Astrologers. Parents used to check all the aspects to make this Tamil marriages happiest one by following the astrology chart matching of the boy and girl. You can notice that in the English month of July no Tamil wedding used to take place and no matching or proposals too also will not take place between the parents. This month is considered as the month is not suitable for to make good things.

When the bride and groom family are interested in arranging the marriage, the first thing they will do is to approach their family astrologers or reputed astrologers. They will check the matching of the girl and boys' horoscopes to see if the charts are matching perfectly or not. Whether they can go ahead to make marriage between that boy and girl.

If the Astrologer agrees then only they will proceed with the marriage. (Normally 70% of 11of the sections are in good matching)

There are 11 kind of matching sections in the Tamil matrimony for a girl and the boy according to their charts and the Astrologer will see whether each of them are matching perfectly with the other persons' one, if all the 11 sections are matching with the other persons' chart sectors, if all of them match perfectly then they will have a long lasting happy marriage that will give them children, wealth, health, happiness and long lasting life span.

They are namely,

Stars matching gives way to couples healthy life.
Kanam matching gives way to couples Love, adjusting and respecting each other.
MaaHendram matching gives way to coupl's wealth and child bearing.
This matching gives way to the bride to live with her husband with all the wealth.
This matching gives way to couples personal interest happiness and enjoyable satisfactory married life.
This matching gives way to couples new generation growth, long and healthy life.
This matching gives way to couples going along, grain productivity and love.
This matching gives way to couples attract each other and gives happy marriage life.
This matching gives way to the bride for a long lasting life with flower and pottu.
This matching gives way to couples power to stay hard when face troubles, sadness and will give happiness.
This matching gives way to couples new generation growth and happy life.

When you are looking for a marriage partner and when you get the other party's horoscope check the horoscope written exercise book must be old as of the girl or boy's age. If they don't provide such an old chart, ask them to provide the original one as there are some people who used to make horoscopes that can suite your chart to make the marriage without the fear of bad things that may happen in the future for the couple.

Always check the horoscopes with as much as many other astrologers as some of they may make errors in the calculations. There are some astrology books available in the bookshops that can give you information as how you can check the matching of bride and grooms chart.

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