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Honeymoon Vacation.

6:13 AM 5/2/2024

Honeymoon vacations for the newly married couples now need lot of money to spend it happily. Lot of couples considers it as a special event in their life. Parents and relatives used to suggest many destinations in foreign countries. Couples have their own Ideal plans they had planned before their marriage. Many newly married couples used to request reputed tour operators to arrange their holidays including the round trip tickets. Most of the newly married Hindu couples used to visit temple festivals in their best dress while the bride used to wear all her gold jewels to display her wealth.

Newly married couples can go on Honeymoon Holdays in their countires or in a foreign county.
If they are going to have their holidays in their country, they will need some hotel booking, travel reservations and clothing for their use.
Once they had decided to travel abroad, they must have their passports, Visas, Airlineseat booking, Hotel reservation and meal plan.

Newly married Tamil couples from Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, France, Germany and Italy prefer Maldives, Singapore, Kerala in India and Sri Lanka for their Honeymoon holidays. In addition, when they visit Srilanka, they can meet their relatives who didn't attend their wedding ceremonies that took place in overseas. They used to select Kandy, Ella and Nuwera Eliya Hotels for their vacations as these places are full of green and with cool climate. Also they can find their native food dishes in these places at affordable price.

When going on vacation, couples must select their flight plans very carefully. Also they must check about the country’s visa requirements to avoid disappointment on their arrival. First check, if there are any special priced packages or special round trip plans which are available for the destination that you are planning to visit. Also check through the internet to see, if there are any full honeymoon packages are being offered by Tour Companies or from Hotels. This is the best way to spend your Honeymoon without any problems.

In Sri Lanka newly married Sinhala and Tamil couples too used to select Kandy, Nuwera Eliya, Knuckles Range and Ella for their honeymoon vacations. Because those people staying in the hot areas like the cool climate of the Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. Meanwhile those people in the cool areas like Kandy used to select Jaffna, Batticaloa and Trincomalee as their honeymoon destination. These places offer hot climate and provides sunshine beaches for those newly married people to enjoy their vacations. Trincomalee area offers many popular beachs for the holidaying couples at affordable price. Lot of wealthy Sri Lankans used to select Maldives, Singapore or Thailand as their honeymoon destination in the Asia region. These countries are less expensive when compared to the European countries like Switzerland or Italy.

In Sri Lanka many European young couples used to select Knuckles range along with Kandy, Mirissa, Tangalle and Hikkaduwa beach resorts for their Honeymoon holiday vacations. Currently lot of tourists are visiting Sri Lanka for their vacation. Now it is easy to get visas and visit here. There are no restrictions for the visiting Guests in Sri Lanka. Australians, Americans and German guests are coming here in large numbers.

Best Honeymoon Destinations. Video.

Top rated Honeymoon destinations.

  • Hawaii
  • Dominican Republic
  • Las Vegas
  • Niagara Falls
  • New Zealand
  • Steamboat Springs
  • Disney World, Florida
  • Greece (Lot of Islands available here)
  • Barbados
  • Napa Valley, USA

Our Honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Video. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtseF3MlVtk )




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