Honeymoon Trips and Vacation.

Honeymoon trips and vacation for the newly married couples used to be an special event for them. Most of the couples have their honeymoon trips as planned earlier or as a private vacation after their happy marriage. Honeymoon holidays are planned by brides rather than the groom. Brides are the ones with expetation and dreams to make a dream wedding and the related happy events. Grooms usually suggest some exotic places but they will go to any place their partner suggests, of course the groom used to stand all the expenses.

HoneymoonEuropean country couples usually select honeymoon destinations with lot of bright sunshine that is located near to the beaches while newly married couples from Asian countries select cold mountainous regions for their honeymoon vacation.

There are many tour operators and private companies are providing different kinds of honeymoon packages that can meet the couple's spending at affordable prices. Normally the holidays are booke for 7 - 14 days of time with full meals.

Newly married couples must select their flight plans very carefully and the country's visa requirements to avoid disappointment on their vacation. First check, if there are any special priced packages or special round trip plans for the destination that you are planning to visit.

In Sri Lanka newly married Sinhala and Tamil couples used to select Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Knuckles and Ella for their honeymoon vacations. Because those people staying in the hot areas like the cool climate of the Kandy and Nuwara Eliya while those people in the cool areas like Kandy used to select Jaffna and Batticaloa as their honeymoon destination. These places offer hot climate and provides sunshine beaches for those newly married people to enjoy their vacations. Lot of wealthy Sri Lankans used to select Maldives, Singapore or Thailand as their honeymoon destination in the Asia region as these countries are less expensive when compared to the European countries.

In Sri Lanka many European young people used to select Knuckles range along with Mirissa, Tangalle and Hikkaduwa beach resorts for their holiday vacation in Sri Lanka after their marriages.

Top rated International Honeymoon destinations are as follows.

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