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Jaffna Marriage Brokers.

6:44 AM 2/6/2024

Jaffna Marriage Brokers for Tamil community are very popular with the expatriate Tamil community and with the local community. They use this service to arrange marriages for the Tamil young men and young Girls. They used to search and find suitable Bride and Grooms in Colombo, Jaffna and or in a foreign country, of course a fee will be charged by them for this service. 20 years back Srilanka Tamil marriages were arranged by the community elders. Today most of the Hindu Tamils don't marry between relatives because of scientific reasons of genetically spreading diseases. Up to the year 1970, they married within their relatives, and most of the times a brother's children used to marry his sister's child. It's prohibited to marry brother's child to another brother's child; likewise sister's child can't marry another of her sister's child. This is to avoid carrying genetic diseases to the newly born children. So it's tradition to people, even the young ones to expect that a Tamil man's son is going to marry father's sister's daughter.

Jaffna Tamil Marriage Brokers.

Jaffna Tamil marriage brokers in Srilanka used to charge a fee to register with them a profile. And if they can arrange a successful partner for their registered Boy ot Girl, they may ask from Rs 50,000/- to Rs 200,000/-. Some Jaffna marriage brokers fix higher rate from their foreign registrants. A separate fee may apply for foreign bride/groom successful marriage. Some of the Marriage Brokers even ask for higher broker fees and 2% of the dowry as fees for to arrange a foreign partner.

The sad thing is, most of the brokers only register and keep the details of the Groom and Bride with them. And many of they don't even try to match profiles that are available with them. They used to request the registered parents to check for suitable boy or girl with matching star for their children. If they find any good chart, they have to take the chart to a marriage analyzer and to see whether the charts are matching. If so the broker will inform to the other parents. If they like they will come and meet the proposed parents will talk further more. If the marriage is success tha broker will collect his service fee. In the early years the Astrologers didn't charge any money for the service of not matching chart combinations. Take care if the Broker is keen on giving preference on a Groom and they want to make the marriage in India, it can be a fake one to steal wealth from the bride.

Tamil Marriage Brokers in Europe and Canada.

There are lots of marriage brokers available in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark and other European countries.
Likewise there are lot of Marriage Brokers are working in Canada to make marriage between Canadian Tamil Young men and Tamil Brides.
Most of them advertise in the European Tamil Newspapers and Canadian Tamil Newspapers along with Tamil TV Channels. These foreign Marriage Brokers not only have European Tamil Brides and Tamil grooms details, they have Sri Lanka born Brides and Groom details too.

Sri Lanka Tamil Marriage Brokers.

We can't recommend any of the Tamil marriage brokers to you. Try their service, if you want. Most customers visit Matrimony Broker's on Sunday mornings. Tamil marriage brokers now used to call them as Matrimony Professional, Marriage Arrangers and Match makers. Can find and contact them through the Sunday News paper classifieds, TV Advertisements and through online websites. Indian match makers are not suitable for Jaffna marriages as they have their own cast system/ Before to get their service ask for their complete service fee as some of them make troubles at the wedding hall saying that their dues are not paid. In the meantime number of traditional marriage brokers in Sri Lanka had declined. In addition web based marriage services had increased and their trustworthy is in question.

Most of the Marriage brokers in Sri Lanka are looking for their customers to find suitable partnr from the registered members. Also you can pay a small amount to the office assistant to find any suitable partner for your child.

If you need any professional assistance write to bbsnetting@yahoo.com. If you are a Srilankan marriage broker, send us your details, we will publish it here.

Marriage broker Video in Tamil ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCRvVodByTo )

Tamil wedding Entrances video, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE18jFINQXo )

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