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Tamil Matrimony

Tamil Matrimonial Websites.

7:04 AM 5/12/2024

Jaffna Wedding Halls

Tamil matrimonial websites are doing a great job for the Tamil community living all over the world. They provide free and paid services to the Tamil Grooms and Brides to find a suitable partner for them. These Tamil matrimony websites used to cover India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Norway, Holland, Denmark and many other countries. Most of them offer free registration for their customers. Later they may add renewal fee and fee to contact the registered members to your account. Also scanning their QR code and installing their Mobile Phone App. It is not recommended to install their App's to protect your privacy, as many of these Apps are using scripts to track your Smartphone activities.

Marriage Brokers are instructing their customers not to come to their office and to communicate with them through phone calls or E-mails. Registering with them too can be done through their phone and emails. Normally the marriage brokers will be busy in the morning and night time. So make appointment with them before to talk with them regarding your son or daughters marriage. Nearly all of them have WhatsApp and Viber in their Smartphones for cheap communication.

Tamil brides and grooms used to marry according to the Tamil tradition. Jaffna traditional marriages used to take place in temples, in muththu manavarai with traditional dresses. In Jaffna many Tamil weddings used to take place in Bride's home. So far, no Tamil couple had married in under water or in the sky. Likewise Tamil parents used to find suitable partner for their sons and daughters through the traditional method of passing the messages through their elderly relatives. Still the method is working perfectly for the people who are looking for bride and grooms for the marriages. In India based matrimony websites you have to fill many fields that you don't understand as all. Otherwise the site won't accept half filled profile.

Temple festivals and wedding parties too were the places where the marriage proposals started to open between the prospective bride and groom's parents. Most of the elder's are happy to participate in the match making process. This is to be proud of their achievement and will have pride in telling everyone about their role in those fixed marriages.

Matrimonial websites.

Up to 1980 local marriage service in Jaffna, was going very well. After the Tamil's started to depart from their homeland in those years, new trends took up place in the match making process. Also parents were looking for foreign Tamil brides and Tamil bridegrooms to their children as they seemed to be rich and they too look that as a measure to visit those countries. Slowly some people with foreign connection start to make arranging wedding are as a profession. Marriage brokers in Srilanka, earlier days with an exercise book with details of the brides and bridegrooms and took their photos too in hand visited homes to arrange marriage. Some successful marriage brokers went ahead and started their own offices for marriage broker service. Some even have a price list for the matrimonial arrangements according to the bride, bridegroom's status. They were categorized as local bride, bridegroom, foreign bride, bridegroom, with PR with citizenship and so on. Beware if the groom is not coming to Sri Lanka for marriage.

Also the leading Tamil News papers like Virakesari, Thinakkural had their matrimonial classified section, which used to connect suitable bride and bridegroom families from all over the world wherever Tamil people are living. These papers have special sections for matrimony in their Sunday editions.

Then came the IT revolution and the websites, people start to communicate through this media for to find a suitable partner. Many websites are free, although some charges for their services. So now Sri Lanka Tamil wedding arrangements are going through relatives, brokers, news paper matrimonial classifieds and matrimonial websites in these days. Also there are lot of Facebook posts in Tamil language. But be carefull when contacting the publisher as there are lot of scammers there.

We are happy to add more Tamil related totally free matrimonial websites. Send them to tamilservice@yahoo.com if you are charging any money for your service then be ready to pay to us.

Here are some matrimonial websites which you can use with your own discreet, as we are not responsible for their content and for their actions.

Sri Lanka Tamil Matrimony website for wedding hall, wedding service providers. www.subamangalam.com

Tamil Community Site: contains Tamil Matrimony, Cinema, some evidence exists for Tamil influence, and Tamil presence in Sri Lanka is www.tamilar.org, www.tamilinfoservice.com

Free Matrimonial service for Sri Lankans: Lanka Matrimony - Free Matrimonial service dedicated to Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people living in Sri Lanka and worldwide.
www.thaalee.com Srilanka Matrimony www.arunthathi.com

Lanka Matrimony: Sri Lanka Matrimonial Marriage Proposals site for Sri Lankan Brides and Grooms, Lanka Matrimony offers Sri Lanka Marriage Proposal Matrimonial service for Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist Tamil Hindu Muslim and Christian Brides and Grooms to find their life partner. www.lankamatrimony.co



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