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6:46 AM 5/4/2024

Sarees are worn by women in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. In some places theses ladies wears are called as Sadis. They are hand woven or machine made mostly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Machine made ones are mostly fabricated from Japan. Hand woven Sarees with silver and gold thread work used to have second hand value for the metals that are used in them. Normal saree with boarder work are used to be priced around US$ 30. In addition a good wedding saree can be bought at US$100 and a designer Saree can go up to US$ 5,000 in India..

In Sri Lanka popular saree shops are located in the Main Street, Colombo. In addition you can find them in Wellawatte and Kotahena areas. These shops used to stock new sarees for all occassions and to suit peoples affordable price.The saree blouse stiching may cost from Rs 1,000/- up to Rs 2,000/- (with inner linning clothe).

Women in Sri Lanka select new Sarees for the following functiona,
Saree for (Office) Work.
Casual wear saree,
Office Party Saree
Birthday Party Saree
Sarees for Weddings and Receptions.

Deepavali (Deewali) Festival 2024
Deevali is the time women, young girls and newly married Girls used to buy select and buy sarees in India and Sri lanka.
Deepavali (Deewali Festival) Date: 31st October 2024.
During this period many shops used to announce "SALE" to attract Depavali clothe buyers with Gifts and heavy discounts on products.

pocket saree

Sarees are normally 6 meters long and the expensive ones used to have blouse piece too in it. Latest ones used to come with pockets that can hold your mobile phones while some ZIP function are provided on the border line where you have 4 - 5 head pieces that can be attached with the main saree whenever you want to change the design. Likewise some saree comes with zipping at the waist and it doesn't need to wear in the traditional way and it can be born in seconds. Tamil Nadu, North India and other parts have their own ways of wearing the saree. People will identify the wearer through the way she wear her saree.

Here are some of the materials used to fabricate saree in India Art Dupion Silk, Art Silk, Banarasi, Bemberg, Bhagalpuri, Blended Cotton, Brasso, Brocade, Chanderi, Chiffon, Cotton, Crepe, Fancy Fabric, Faux Chiffon, Faux Crepe, Faux Georgette, Faux Leather, Gehna, Georgette, Half Jacquard, Half Net, Half Shimmer, Jacquard, Jamawar, Jute, Khadi, Linen, Lycra, Net, Raw Dupion Silk, Satin, Shimmer, Silk, Silk cotton, Soft Inlet, Super Net, Tissue, Tussar Silk, Velvet, Viscose and Voile.

When going to get married, Tamil Brides (girls) prefer only Kanchipuram silk sarees for their great wedding function. Specially at the time of the "Muhurtham Thalee" function. Depending on the quality and of the design a muhurtha saree will go as Rs 50,000/- up to Rs 300,000/- in Sri Lanka clothe shops. The makeup girls used to charge Rs 1000/-for to dress saree on a girl for special occasions at their studio. The wedding koorai saree used to have its jacket piece included in it. The wedding Koorai saree is used by the woman for the each and every wedding they attends during her married life till her husband's departure. It is a tradition of Jaffna Tamil people for generation.

People in Jaffna can visit India to buy their wedding sarees. They can fly from Palaly to Chennai. Also they can use the Kankesanthurai to Karaikkal Ferry service to purchase Saree for their loved one's wedding ceremony. This will save them lot of money than purchasing saree in Jaffna.

Where can get Cheap Wedding Sarres in Sri Lanka?
Visit Garment Shops located in the Main Street Colombo to find cheap priced wedding sarees.

Saree Care.A

Time to time open the saree fully and place it outside and place it back. If you keep it folded in a place for long time, it may crack on the folding edges.
Use Dry Cleaning method to clean Expensive Sarees.

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