Bridegroom Dresses.

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Bridegroom Dresses.

5:33 AM 6/17/2024

Bridegroom Dresses used to be selected according to Sri Lanka traditional values by the groom on their wedding day, if they are Thamils. Tamil grooms usually wear shirt and Vesti (made with silk clothe) and saalvai. Beautifully set headgears made of silk clothe for their Jaffna style weddings also worn on that occasion. In the recent trend Groom dress used to be in traditional yellow color but some Groom's select red or coffee color dress for to look better in the wedding video. Also his relatives specially those young ones used to dress in the same color dresses and pattern to attend the wedding event. So you will look lot of young men in same color dresses at the function. Of course the dresses will be paid by the Groom for his relatives and for himself. In the meantime lot of people used to hire suits for their wedding registration from the wedding service providers on daily rental price. When renting, should provide a refundable deposit for the suit and the coat dust cover.

In USA, Canada and in Europe, Bridegrooms used to buy expensive suits from the popular designers in their countries. Meanwhile some of them used to buy India's traditional wedding suits at expensive price from their local stores. In Sri Lanka some families used to rent suits on daily rental basis from local shops including the Bridegroom. This is to cut the high wedding cost.

Meanwhile many young men in Jaffna are strictly following their Tamil culture. On the wedding day they wear Vesti salvai for the wedding function. Even they used to travel on Bullock Cart or Bicycles for the wedding venue with their dress. But in Colombo and European Tamil wedding they used to wear North Indian Bride Groom dresses that are made by designers.

Long Garland made of fresh flowers used to be worn around his neck. Also they used to wear a big pendant attached to gold chain is the other thing that are given to them prior to the wedding ceremony.

During their legal marriage registration ceremony, Groom used to wear six pieces suit with best pair of black or brown shoes. Some Grooms prefer shirt only with a silk tie for the wedding registration function. This event used to take place normally prior to their ceremonial religious wedding. Otherwise the registration ceremony will take place in the evening, if the traditional marriage ceremony takes place in the morning.
In Jaffna lot of young people is still following their dress code as wearing Vesti Saalvai for their traditional Jaffna wedding ceremony. Some strict Jaffna Grooms used to take their Brides in Bullock Cart after the marriage ceremony. Recently a Groom took his Bride on a bicycle for their wedding parade. Brides too never wish to change from wearing a saree for their traditional ritual wedding ceremony.

Now Tamil cinema trends affect everyone's life here. Because of this young grooms too used to select dresses in the North Indian style for their wedding ceremonies and related functions. These Indian wedding suits for grooms come in vivid colors and styles with lot of selection from the wedding clothe store.

These are called as.

  • Sherwani
  • Embroidered Sherwani Jacket Suit
  • Sherwani With Matching Stole
  • Kurta pajama
  • Churidars
  • Jodhpuri

Wedding clothes are made to fit the groom in advance of the wedding day. These dresses can be bought readymade, according to the person's size from the textile shop or can be ordered through online websites which are selling bridal dresses. There are plenty of shops in Colombo that used to rent out bridegroom dresses and head turban (Thalaippagai) for the marriage ceremony. The rent out rate applies per day. Even they offer pathakkam sangili too for the groom to wear on his big ceremonial day. In Jaffna most of the Groom s used to wear Silk "Vesti" and Full sleeved Shirts for the wedding ceremony.

Most of the well to do families in Srilanka used to make their trip to India to buy wedding clothes for their whole family along with the groom. In some wedding's you can see all the groom's close relatives used to wear same color shirts and likewise the bridegroom's relatives too used to do so.

Bride Groom Dress

Other weddings in Sri Lanka.

As for the dress of the marriage registration the groom selects a simple full sleeved shirt, one stylish pant, a silk tie and a new pair of polished shoes. Some Bride grooms select an expensive western style full wedding suite. And they take care that the suit must match the Bride's saree or gown at the ceremony.

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