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Skin Care For Bride.

6:02 AM 6/18/2024

Skin care for the Bride should be carried out by a certified Dermatologist. Otherwise new comers can make your skin to appear worse on your wedding day. Dermatologist can treat Acne on faces, body skin, nail and hair if you visit them regularly. Now there are lots of self-made makeup artists who can spoil your great wedding day appearance. Go with the certified people and use natural and herbal medicines to treat your skin, specially your face. Get appointment from them and follow their advice and instructions. Normally you must start this process at least two months prior to the wedding day to get glowing skin.

In Sri Lanka, some girls and middle aged women had lost their face glow after visiting to the cheap Beauty Parlors.
Their faces are looking so rough and are suffering a lot for the loss of their face glow.
In the meantime Sri Lanka Government had informed General Public to be vigilant against fake skin care products.
In addition they had captured and destroyed large number of not suitable skin care products.

Tamil Bride Visiting a Parlor For Making Her Wedding Day Appearence.

When the girl is going for her skin treatment, must take another woman with her.
Don't try new creams that you didn't have used before.
Get advice on irritation when you get back home.
If you are asked to do anything on your home get the instruction in writing.
If you feel any difficulty after the treatment quickly meet a skin specialist doctor.
From the months of March to June there used to be high temperature in the Jaffna district.
All the girls must be careful to keep their fairness for their wedding day.

Skins of the people are gifted by the God. You can use chemicals and other ointments to change the appearance of it. But there will be a price for it later. So think about it and avoid going for such length to give a fresh look for your skin. Using Natural herbals and products are the perfect way to keep your skin fresh without any side effects that may occur in the future. Using cheap and not recommended products can spoil your wedding day appearance. Ask advice from your best friends on this matter. Meanwhile not all the products are good as they are advertised in the internet. Buy required beauty care products from your local beauty shops.

In the recent times Tamil Brides used to take much care about their skin and its appearance along with its color. They care of their skin color to look as fair one. They think that this will make them to appear elegant on the day of their wedding. It is normal for some African and Asian people to have dark colored skin. This kind of skin colors should be accepted by us as it is the gift of God and due to the attacking rays of the burning sun with UV rays. If you are coming from these regions and want to appear with fair skin color, never walk in the direct sun. Stay in homes and you will see the change of color to be fairer within 3 - 4 months.

Many brides in these parts of the world use to believe in their makeup artists and follow their advice to get glowing white color skin on their wedding day at costly paid sessions. They didn't much care about the side effects that they may get. Even some girls had lost their beauty due to the skin specialist's carelessness. Even some had died due to inhaling the chemical vapors that were produced from their skin when the specialist applied some ointments on their bodies.

If you are going to get married in the coming months and if you have dark color skin and want to look with better skin color then the first thing you have to do is to stay away from the direct sun light. Direct sun light is the main source that makes our skin to look dark colored. You can find many white skinned foreign girls applying skin lotions and taking sun bath to make their skin look dark colored as they prefer it rather than their whitish skin.

Don't try to use those creams that are priced cheap and not popular with the mass. Instead get an appointment to consult any of the popular skin specialists in your town. They can check your skin type and may recommend you with suitable whitening cream that are good for you to get fair colored skin.

While those brides who have acne in their face must consult with their doctor or skin specialist to get proper advice and treatment as this acne can spoil their wedding day appearance if not treated in the proper way.

Still our mothers used to make many whitening creams with natural ingredients and by using such naturally made creams won't produce any side effects on your skin or body. From the ancient times famous beauty queens like Cleopatra used natural skin care products such as donkey milk, honey, yogurt, cucumber, turmeric, papaya, avocado, strawberry, plum and pears are used as natural skin care products by girls and young women all over the world.

Finally we suggest you to use homemade natural products for your skin care purpose.

Natural Indian Skin Care products For Glowing Skin.

Ghee (For healthy skin)
Turmeric (Antibacterial and Anti Inflammatory)
Gram Flour
Gingerly Oil Massage
Milk And Curd (To Moisturize The Skin)
Water (Consume From Copper pots)
Aloe Vera (To Moisturized Skin)
Tulsi Leaves
Amla (Nelli)
Ginger Is Full Of Anti-Oxidants
Practice Yoga
Coconut Oil
Sandalwood (Face Mask)

Skin Care in Sri Lanka

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