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Wedding Video and Photography

Wedding video and photography for the events are normally done by the same studio people. In addition, video coverage of the wedding ceremony and the photo session are required to be booked as early as possible. Once the wedding is over it will take 1 - 3 months to edit the event in a complete movie style. The marriage party will be provided with a 5 minutes highlight video copy, 2 DVD, 2 Blu-Ray Discs from them covering the wedding of nearly one hour with selected cinema songs. For the background songs you can select your own one or allow the studio people to select the suitable ones for the event. Also you may get a wall hanging / Table top photos of the newly married couple to display in your home at extra cost. Meanwhile many of the studios used to provide them as a compliment one for the newly married couple..

How to provide Wedding Videos to Relatives?

You can provide the copy of the event as DVD and Blu-Ray Discs. Currently people used to upload the video in to a server and get its file name with the place name (URL).
Also people used to provide their weeding / Marriage Registration and Puberty ceremony as a LIVE stream through the internet.
And can send this video url to their friends and relatives living overseas.
They can either watch it from there or can download the file and can watch it.
Still people are watching wedding video's through the YouTube channel, once it is uploaded as LIVE or later as a video file.

» How Live Telecast Your Wedding.

In the recent years many of the professional videographers are not keeping with their promise of providing the final product on the agreed date. Parent of the bride and groom used to visit these people's office frequently for the final product. Most of them had nearly paid all the money on the agreed product.

Normally they will upload the "Highlight video" in their company Facebook page and the viewers can share it in their pages. But when you play it, it will open in the Vimeo website. The other thing is that video can't be downloaded as it is password protected one. You must get that copy from them in a hard Disc to play at the wedding reception.

Once the marriage event is fixed, bride and groom families will search for a good videographer. Making early booking for the marriage day event is very important one. And the wedding photographer too plays an important role of the wedding ceremony, if one of the bride or groom is living in a restricted country for visa. Because after the marriage the visa official may ask for, not only the wedding registration paper, but also the wedding registration ceremony photo album to see whether the wedding was a genuine one. Then only they will issue the visas for the newly married partner.

Today's wedding video making is made with high end video cameras by the professional videographers and the finish video used to look like a movie with perfect sounds and mixing. Video shooting used to take place at the wedding halls and other important places of the city as back rounds. Latest Indian movie songs are added to the scenes according to the selection of the married couples. The wedding may take place in Colombo, but when you see the video the newly married couple may stand in front of Tajmahal eating their cake. The scenes may have been included with the help of the advanced video editing technology.

The best thing with the video camera man is that they used to know all kinds of wedding rituals in their order. In a Tamil wedding, if the Bride groom wears the "Uthariyam" on the wrong side, the cameraman will correct it by placing it on the correct side. Because the camera man had seen hundreds of weddings in his work and knows each and every thing of the different culture marriages.

Videographer will start their coverage from the make-up artist saloon. If the marriage takes place in Colombo, the studio people will take the Groom and Bride to some special places like Independence Square, Victoria Park and Galle Face. Then they will proceed with their work at the wedding hall till to the end of the marriage ceremony. Lot of people living in Canada, USA, Australia, UK and USA used to send their videos to make albums and editing work to Sri Lanka as the technicians are very good in editing and can make wedding Albums at affordable price than those countries.

What Apparatus are used by Studios in Sri Lanka to make wedding videos?
Sony PXW-FS7 Camera. Video Camera crane with 16 feet boom, Aerial wedding photography with DJI Drones.

Videography Photography

After one month, people used to wait to see the wedding video and the marriage registration video and their photo albums. Normally video is given in 2 VHS cassettes PAL and NTSC system along with a VCD, DVD and in a Blue Ray discs. Wedding photo album used to come inside a beautiful briefcase, where photos of different kind of lamination, frame works, in big and small albums will be included. These are designed and made with full of art work. Some photographers used to present large sizes photograph of the couple as a compliment gift. Take note some videographers used to take years to present their wedding video copy. So it is important to make sure that you will get the video copies in time as promised by them.

Kind of wedding albums.

  • Matted Album (Box Album)
  • Coffee Table Book
  • Flush Mount Album
  • Sri Lankan Wedding Video - Editing Table

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