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Sri Lanka Matrimony, Newspaper Classifieds.

Sri Lanka Matrimony, Newspaper Classifieds are visible specially in Sunday Newspapers. Tamil community in Srilanka, India and all over the world use these Newspaper classifieds to find suitable marriage partners for them or for their children who are in their marriage age. Likewise parents who are searching for Bride or Bridegroom for their children used to publish classified advertisements in the Sunday Newspapers. Everyone knows that the Sunday Newspapers used to attract more readers and marriage seekers other than the week day publications. In addition, these Newspapers used to reach most of the Tamil homes around the world on the same day.

In this year 2024, Srilanka Newspaper used to charge low price for matrimonial classifieds when you compare it with the western country publishers. For example Virakesari Weekend edition charges Rs 1,000 for a 20 words classifieds. In this classified section, people can hide their names and addresses. Also they can post a care of box number provided by the news papers for an extra fee. In this way people whoever wants to contact the advertiser need to send the message to the newspaper with the advertisement's box number. Offials in the newspaper office will collect them and will snd the mail to the advertiser. If he likes the marriage profile he can contact them using the given information.

The classifieds rates may vary from one newspaper to other newspaper. Most of them have a fixed rate for 20 words in the classified advertisements section. After 20 words each additional word will be charged at a special rate with 60 words maximum limit. In the papers there are sections like Groom wanted, Bride wanted and marriage broker services. In Sri Lanka matrimonial websites are not popular for marriage fixing as in India. But the Newspapers matrimonial classifieds are the popular one in India, Sri Lanka and in Countries where Sri Lankans are living. Recent Sri Lanka economy collapse had resulted in low Newspaper sales and increased Advertisement by Newspaper Companies.

Meanwhile Matrimony websites are becoming popular with parents to find suitable partners for their children. These website owners use News paper advertisements to attract parents to register with them through online websites. Selecting the online matrimonial is far better as the registration will stay there for long time while paper classifieds will stay only for one day. Unless you pay large sum of money to publish the profile for some months. But the paper advertisement can be controlled and communicated with the advertisement publisher.Important: The newspaper company will ask for the true details of the publisher to avoid scam activities.

Here is a list of Sri Lanka Newspapers (Print version) in which people can publish Matrimonial classifieds.

  • Virakesari Colombo Edition, Jaffna Edition and International Edition.
  • Thinakkural Colombo Edition, Jaffna Edition and International Edition.
  • Uthayan Jaffna Edition, Colombo Edition.

Sri Lanka English Newspapers (print version) where can publish Matrimonial Classifieds.

  • Sunday Observer
  • Sunday Times

    Some newspapers used to publish these matrimony classified for free in their online websites along with the print edition.

    Virakesari Tamil News Paper.



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