Hotels with Wedding Halls.

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Hotels with Wedding Halls.

5:56 AM 7/10/2024

Hotels with wedding halls and Banquet Halls are very popular with the well to do people in Sri Lanka to make their family weddings there. For them these places are very popular to make their children's weddings and Receptions in latest trend and style. Sri Lanka Tamil weddings used to take place mostly in Hindu Temples, while Christians make it in Churches. Hindu weddings also take place in Community centers in Colombo and in wedding halls, reception halls, banquet halls and in Star class hotels. Hotels here are well prepared to organize the wedding ceremonies with their specially built Banquet halls. Most of them offer large number of seating facility for the visiting guests. Sri Lanka Hotels used to serve Buffet lunch or dinner for those wedding guests who are attending the weddings. These places in and around Colombo have decorated Wedding/Banquet halls with seating capacity of nearly 1,000 up to 4,000 guests, while some of them offer up to 3 banquet halls in their complex. These Hotels can provide best service for any Srilanka or foreigner's wedding event.

Hotel Shangri-La offers the largest reception hall that doesn’t have pillars in side of it. You can book these halls with their managers by paying advance payment according to the number of guests and the type of food to be served. They have minimum Guest attendance and the charge will be flat. If more number of Guests is going to attend the function, they will charge per head. When booking with large number of guests the wedding hall will be provided free of charge. Otherwise the rental charge of the hall will apply in the bill. Most of these places offer ample parking facility.

Sri Lanka Hotels are running in full swing and they are offering all the services to their guests. Only thing is that the cost is little higher on the room rates. In the meantime people are inviting only close friends and relatives for their wedding functions due to high cost of banquet halls and meals. So with fewer guests the wedding and reception functions will cost less price. No more lavish spending weddings used to take place at these Hotels except for the Sri Lanka Politician's family weddings which runs to be lavish ones.

Booking Hotels For Your Weddings and Reception.

  • Go with the Hotel's package or pay according to the number of Guests.
    It is necessary to pay reasonable amount as advance for the event.
  • Available Meals: Vegetarian, Non-Veg and Chinese Foods.
  • Mobile Kitchen used to provide freshly fried Shrimps, sausages and other food items to the guest. (Extra Cost)
  • Give the Bride's and Groom's names to be placed at the entrance of the Banquet Hall.
  • Select seating facility and capacity according to guest's such as VIP's.
  • Having a theme wedding, may a costly one.
  • Hourly charge will apply at hotels, if you are taking the hall more than the allocated time.
  • Room for Bride and Night stay for the couple will be provided by the hotel.

For the traditional Tamil marriages, hotels can arrange and provide everything including 'muthu manavarai" or Flower manavarai". Buffet style vegetarian food with traditional Jaffna rice and curry along with top Indian recipes along with tasty desserts. Normally 16 varieties of dishes are included in the Buffet while you too can select your choice of dishes at the time of booking. The tables are used to be set with European style cutlery while they also provide facilities for those guests who like to use their cleaned fingers to dine.

Hotels and Banquet Halls provide specially dressed up guest chairs for the function, at extra charge. Normally wedding halls are provided for 4 hours of time and if you need some extra time, they will charge for it at special hourly rate. So when you are booking the hall get the information on the extra time and its rate. They always keep a nice red colored notice Board at the entrances of each Halls, announcing the Bride and Groom's names for the guests' convenience.

They don't allow gift boxes (Presents) to be taken inside of the matrimony hall. It must be kept at the special place located at the entrance. The management can arrange "Mangala vathiyam" and "kurukkal" too which is included inside many of the hotels packages. Arranging the entrance Mangala table, wedding registration table and Piped Tamil music too they will take care through their packages. If it is a Sinhala cultural wedding they can provide "Poruwa" for the ceremony while for the Muslim wedding they used to make special arrangements according to the person who reserved the hall.

A room will be given for the bride to get her makeup done and changing saree. After the marriage ceremonies are over the newly married couples will have free champagne and a Room for 24 hours as a gift from the management. Guests can arrange for their taxis from the lobby, if they need any. Hotels are providing discount priced rooms for those foreign visitors who are coming to attend the wedding ceremony. They will arrange to pick them at the Airport and drop them back at the Airport for their return journey on the required date.

In the Northern Province (Jaffna) there are many new Banquet Halls that are with rich look and with room facilities for the visiting foreign guests. Foreign guests can come to these rooms directly from the Airport and can stay here until the wedding function is over. Then they can depart to the Airport to catch their flight back to their home.

Sri Lanka Hotels That Offer Wedding Packages.

Hilton Colombo
2, Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha,
Telephone: +94 11 249 2492

Concord Grand
139-141, Gall Road,
Telephone: +94 11 273 8727, +94 11 273 9600

Galle Face Hotel
02, Kollupitiya Road,
Telephone: +94 11 254 1010 - 16

Taj Samudra Hotel
25, Galle Face Center Rd,
Telephone: +94 11 244 6622 -13

Galadari Hotel
64, Lotus Road,
Telephone: +94 11 254 4544

Sapphire Hotel
371 Galle Road,
Wellawatte, Colombo-06.
Telephone: +94 11 236 3306

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Jaffna Wedding Halls.



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