Wedding in Expensive Hotels.

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Wedding in Expensive Hotels.

7:52 PM 6/25/2024

Wedding in expensive hotels and Banquet Halls are seen as a prestigious one for the rich families in Sri Lanka. Some of these wedding halls are designed for to organize lucrative weddings only. They offer theme weddings with special effects throughout the event with live band. They used to order Helicopter transport, Fireworks, Brass Band and limousines for each and everybody's transport. Some Brides and Grooms like to have their wedding lavishly held in 5 star hotels to show their wealth and pride to their relatives and friends. Nearly 400 to 1,000 guests used to be invited for these kinds of marriage ceremonies. The Buffet cost for each guest may start somewhere from Rs 5,000. Some rich people had paid 15,000 for each of their guest's dinner or lunch at these hotels. Each tables used to be marked with the guest names. And at the entrance of the hall, visitors may see the seating plan with their names and table numbers. Hotel staff will accompany the guests to get their seats. The tables used to be filled with expensive short eats along with exclusively imported bottles too used to be placed there.

One waiter used to serve two tables of the guests, which are reserved according to the visiting guests' status. These kinds of lavish wedding parties are planned and provided for invited guests only. So the families used to inform the guests in advance that if they can't attend the ceremony, then to inform them early. So they can invite another guest or may reduce the number of plates served at the venue of marriage.

Hotel Wedding Decorations.

Special theme decorations are made in the wedding hall as per Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim traditions. They are decorated by some Banquet hall decorating companies. Lighting and Audio systems are covered by sound system providing companies. Local live band used to play live music according to the moments. Later they may play music for guests dancing on the wedding floor after the ceremonies and dining is over. Some expert guest may sing to the music of the band while others are dancing.

Most of the rich people used to contact event planners to make their weddings to be a successful one. Event planners used to charge large sum of money to make the event with new ideas.

Meals in Wedding.

After the wedding ceremonies 100's of varieties of vegetarian, poultry, seafood and meat dishes will be served for the guest to eat as much as they want in the Buffet method. At a corner in the hotel, Hotel Chef used to prepare freshly fried poultry and meat dishes as per the requests of the guest of the wedding. Also it used to include Prawns, Crabs, Sausages, Tender Meat, Lobsters and many more expensive dishes are prepared there hot for the waiting Guests. Once the wedding is over and when the guests are leaving they will be provided with expensive items as gifts and a copy of the newly married couples photograph.

At the bottom of the wedding cards they used to print it as RSVP. (Répondez S'il Vous Plaît.) This is in French and it means: Reply, If You Please) and date at the bottom of the card, if you are organizing a expensive dinner. So the guests will inform you about their presence and you can save on number of guests, if any of them are unable to attend the event. Some time people may provide a separate card with the RSVP to send them about your intention on the event.

In Jaffna most of the wedding halls and banquet halls offer exclusive wedding packages according to the customer's suggestions. The weddings can be included with live band at the Hotels with Large professional Dance troupes, Exclusive Buffet too can be arranged with superior meals, Gold leaf Ice creams and kinds of drinks. Fleet of Limousines (Limo), live telecast of the wedding event that is good as TV channels that are good for large digital TV.

In addition rich families used to get Helicopter service and hundreds of BMW and Benz Cars to show off at the venue of the wedding with pride.
Some families used to go on with the wedding functions for two to three weeks.

Hilton Colombo.
Shangri-La Colombo
Waters Edge.
Taj Samudra, Colombo
The Kingsbury
Marriott Resort and Spa - Weligama
Jetwing Blue - Negombo

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