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4:17 AM 7/1/2024

Bride dresses are very expensive in these days where some designer Bridal sarees used to coast a fortune. Tamil and Sinhala Brides mostly use these Bridal sarees on their wedding occasion. Sri Lanka Muslim Brides too use sequen sarees with lot of shinning ornaments made by local designers. Wedding day is the big day for all the Sri Lanka girls. Their wedding dress, makeup and their wedding day hair style are of their dream of many years. Normally a Tamil girl's wedding Saree may coast around Rs 50,000/- Rs 400,000/- in Sri Lanka. In this year 2024, nearly all the saree shops in Colombo are having new stock of sarees in their shops. This is a happy news for the girls who are going to get married soon. This will allow them get new sarees for them to get dressed in latest sarees.

  • Lehang and Choli are now becoming popular with the Tamil Brides where they used to order them for their wedding receptions in Sri Lanka, Canada and Europe. You will need to order them at least 14 days prior to your function. Normally it will cost you around US$ 250 - US$ 400.
  • Hand embroidery. Aari Work. Bride's Choli or Blouse use to have shining Aari works that can cost US$ 50 to US$ 100 per piece of work.
  • Wedding Gowns used to be around US$ 200 up to US$ 450 (USA, Canada and EU)

Young girls at their marriage age, used to memorize all the TV programs that run wedding shows. Also they remember their friends wedding day and their relatives' weddings as well observed them and used to plan it in their imagination for their wedding. Lot of unmarried girls used to visit wedding shows that usually held at the BMICH every year. In addition they have already planned who will be their makeup artist for their functions. Also what color they have to wear on that day for the religious ceremony, religious wedding and for the wedding registration. And for the home coming function,

One Tamil bride has to select dresses for the following events that are related to her wedding..

  1. Saree and blouse for the wedding ceremony stage. (Inaik Koorai)
  2. Bridal sari and blouse for religious wedding ceremony.( The Bridal saree (Koorai) will be presented by the Groom, used to take the would be bride when buying it.)
  3. Marriage registration ceremony Saree and blouse.
  4. Saree and blouse for the Home coming ceremony

Red and Yellow colors are considered as Tamils traditional colors for to express happiness and joy. So, her saree for the "Thaalee" (A married woman's visible identity) wearing moment will be and must be a Red Indian Tanjavoor silk saree which is called as "koorai saree". This used to be a hand woven expensive designer saree with plenty of art work that will make it elegant. This she will keep as her best thing, and will wear in all forthcoming religious days and ceremonial events of heir's and her relatives.

This saree price used start from a price of US$ 600 to US$5,000. Tamil Brides used to wear a 'Inaik koorai"(a secondary silk saree normally yellow color) to go to the wedding stage (manavarai).In the recent times Tamil girls too had changed a lot. For the wedding day they used to ask professional tailors to cut and stitch their blouse with latest design and back cut of it with low, window or band design.

Many families used to travel to Madras from Jaffna and Colombo to buy their wedding sarees as it is very cheap to get them from there. In the mean time people use the Jaffna Airport to fly to Chennai to buy their wedding sarees in India. This is better than buying the saree in Jaffna at very high price. Before they travel to Chennai they arrange with a relative living in USA, Canada, Australia or in EU to send mmoney for them in India to buy those sarees there.

In India wedding sarees are available from North India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Actually Sri Lanka Tamils preferre traditional Thanjavoor bridal sarees as the bride's dress for the wedding and Wedding Registration Day. In Sri Lanka most of the saree shops are Now- with limited lighting and without A/C. But when customers used to enter in side, they used to lit all the lights and will switch on the A/C system. This is to save money on monthly electricity bill in this hard time in Sri lanka..

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