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Astrology and Horoscope.

7:47 AM 2/10/2023

Astrology and Horoscope readings play a big role in the Hindu Tamil weddings in Sri Lanka and India. In India lot of money is spent on horoscope reading by parents on these to find suitable marriage partners for their children. For thousands of years Horoscope reading used to attract human minds to find out their future and fate by popular Astrologers. Specially in India Astrology predictions are taken before every beginning of important events. Most of the people can't live without this readings and forecast that comes in TV, Newspapers, Magazines and radio programmers. Millions of fortune tellers, Astrology Magazines and websites are used to earn billions of dollars every year through this Astrology business. Currently Astrology Apps too are available for the Smartphones and Tablets that will forecast your daily monthly and yearly astrological predictions according to your birth time, star and Rasi. Price for horoscope reading and matching of boy and girl charts fees had rapidly increased in Sri Lanka.

In the Asia region marriages too are fixed according to the Astro charts of the bride and groom after checking their charts thoroughly by a horoscope reader.

Horoscope, actually this word belongs to Greek language. Sri Lanka Tamil people used to call this horoscope as "sathiram". When a child is born its parents try to mark the correct birth time of the baby up to seconds. Traditionally Tamil elders used to say, that a person's life and happenings will be written on the persons' head, means everything is decided by the God on a person's life by the baby's birth time.

Astrology and Horoscopes

For example ancient Hindu saints like Agasthiyar had calculated and written down all the future life of the world and the human's life.

And it says about every person's life, fate, luck and fortune. Srilanka horoscope can provide what is going to happen and if there is anything going to be wrong in a person's life. Also it offer's what remedies you should do and which god you have to pray for the bad stars look not to attack deeper, if the person's birth time is very perfect. Already Agasthiyar had calculated the age of the earth and when it will meet tragedies and other events. Many people had purposely thrown away the palm leaves that were original manuscript written by the saint. Still people are wondering how he calculated the sun moon and the stars movements tens of thousands of years before. So, like this our astrology is correct, if calculated with the correct time of birth of a person. It's already written, by using the positions of the stars. Nobody can make new calculations. It's Thousands of years back discovered by our Saints. This Astrology plays a big part in our Marriage and married life too. Now a person's horoscope can be calculated and written by astrologers using traditional calculations or with the assistance of the computer horoscope software.

In Sri Lanka there are two versions of calculations available for the Astrology.
One is Thiruk Kanitham (Star Poisition with Mathematic Method) the other is Vakkia panjangam ( Everything is written poems)

India Software Engineers had made many softwares and Apps for Horoscope reading and calculations using the computerized calculations by feeding the required information in the computer. As a result you can get Astrology predictions on your life, marriage and on other things from the online websites. Some of these websites offer their Astrology prediction service for free while some of them charge payment for it.



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