Wedding Presents.

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Wedding Presents and Gifts.

Wedding Presents and Gifts are presented to newly married couples at the time of their marriage event. Tamil Hindu marriages used to have a tradition of providing expensive wedding gifts to the newly married bride and bridegroom at the wedding stage. This is followed as a tradition as, what you got on your marriage day, must be returned as presents to that person or family member's special occasion like on their wedding or Birthday. Normally in Tamil people's weddings in Canada or Europe will see Kilos of Gold Jewelry as gifts to the newly married people. If you are attending any wedding and want to present gifts to the newly married couples, ask others who are coming for the event and what they are planning to gift to the couples at the event. Because there used to be 10 - 12 Iron boxes and wafer makers are being presented as gifts as presents.

Sri Lanka wedding gifts can't be included with Gold jewellery as the Gold price of 22 karat price had up. Currently in this year 2024 people are presenting cash in envelopes due to the increased prices of the gold and other gifts. Also those who had got Gold as present are much worried as the Gold price had reached very high in Sri Lanka. Only way is to give the present back as gift to save their situation. Due to high Gold price in Sri Lanka, people are presenting with the value of the gold that they had got years back from the guest.

In Sri Lanka wedding guests are presenting Gift Cards - Vouchers - from branded stores that are located in Colombo City. With these cards the wedding couples can purchase from those stores and if the value is high, then they have to pay for it.. So if the value is higher than the voucher they can pay the rest by cash to purchase their desired products.In addition there are many computer assisted craft workshops are available in Colombo, Sri Lanka. They can make beautiful frames with special messages to give as gifts.

Wedding Presents

Kinds of gifts to present at any Tamil wedding.

  • Gold Jewels
  • Gem Stones
  • Ever-silver kitchen utilities
  • Electrical appliances
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Wood carvings
  • Brassware and etc.

Jewelry made of Gold; silver, platinum and other precious metals are good and much respected. You can select Gem stones mounted on gold jewels too. Gold jewelry as a present is memorable one and it will bring back the value in the later years, when special occasions happen in your family. Also, you can buy beautiful wrist watches which come in pair designed for men and women. These watches both look alike, although women wearing models are little smaller in size than the men's watch.

Gift items should be packed with care as not to damage the item when the packet is opened. Some time if you are buying from a good store, they may offer you free packing service depending special package according to the occasion. Don't forget to get gift cards from the mall and fill your name and address carefully in it, as it will help the newly married couple to mark the present under your name.

Wedding Presents In the Jaffna district includes with stainless steel products such as oil lamp set, water pots and other auspicious things. Any how people are proud to present the groom with gold chains and bracelets while the bride is showered with gold necklace or gold bangles. If you are presenting an expensive item to a newly married couple, reach the married couple when there are less people around them, so the present will not be misplaced and the couple will remember you and your present.

If the ceremony is taking place in a foreign country and you are unable to visit there personally due to travel visa and cost of the air tickets, then you can select the presents from the online shops that are available in the couple's country and can send them through their courier service. There are many items to select from flowers to hand works, clothes or jewels as wedding gifts from the many online web sites. You can pay them by credit card and select the delivery date as per your wish. But whatever you offer to them, a personal telephone wish is the best thing that you can offer them on their special day.

New wedding gift trend is to present to the Couples with Gift vouchers from large Departmental Stores, from large cloth stores or from hotel vacations. So the wedding couple can buy whatever they want to buy with these Gift Cards at the particular store. Or can stay at the fabulous hotel for their holidays.

Wedding Gifts.



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