Live Telecast Wedding.

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Live Telecasting your Wedding.

Live telecasting your wedding can be done by your friends or through professional telecasters. Some of your relatives may live in foreign countries and are unable to attend your wedding day. So people from far away countries can watch wedding day events LIVE through the latest technology, if they have internet facility. There are many TV and Private telecasting companies available with their outdoor shooting and transmission unit to cover your wedding for a fixed price. You can contact them and can arrange to telecast your wedding over the TV stations and through web streaming method. Meanwhile due to the prevailing Corona situation not all the people are allowed in to the wedding halls. Also guests too don't like visit there for their safety. To solve this issue you can ask a local TV channel to telecast the important events live. While you can arrange with local streaming companies to stream the event through Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube. Inform those guests who are not attending the event about the streaming and Telecast times to them. So it is easy for them to view the event from their homes and offices in comfort. You can deliver food to them through the delivery service providers, if you can arrange with them in time. You can live stream to your close friends through WhatsApp IM service, if you have enough data and battery power.

Meanwhile some people used to make small clips of the wedding event and used to upload it in Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages. In additon they used to share the clips with their friends through WhatsApp program.

In this year 2024 you can select a TV Transmission service provider or through your Video maker through YouTube, or Facebook live App. Also you can ask one of your relative to cover the event with their Smartphone through any of the Smartphone app. The important thing is you have to provide the live video link to your relatives and friends with the event will the date and time to watch the video. Also there is lot of live Streaming Apps available in the App stores. So you can select a good one from it for to live video of your wedding.

Live Telecast Wedding of yours through the internet channels, for your friends and relatives to view live, from any part of the world. Some wedding Halls and Banquet Halls had included video streaming in their marriage packages. In addition, Wedding Photographers too offer packages for telecasting your wedding event.


Live wedding event can be achieved through the YouTube channel, Google Meet* or through the Facebook Live program.
It is a great opportunity for you to broadcast your wedding live to the world through Facebook Live and YouTube, spending little money for the internet data plan.

What are the things you may need to live broadcast your wedding video through the internet?

Become as a member in the Facebook and/or in YouTube.

  • To get account in YouTube, you must have one Gmail account.
  • Facebook live can be provided by one of the FB account holder.
  • Important, the wedding ceremony must take place in an area where uninterrupted broadband or Wi-Fi is available.
  • Otherwise you must have access for mobile data plan.
  • Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or internet connected digital video camera.
  • Power supply for those devices or extra powerbank with full charge.
Wedding live streaming

The account holder has the option to select only selected people to view the event or to allow everyone to watch the event.
Can block certain people from watching it.
During the Live streaming is going on through the YouTube or Facebook Live, make sure there is no copyrighted music is being uploaded along with the live video. If you failed on this, the live streaming will be terminated.

  • YouTube Help. Start streaming.
  • Facebook Live Help.
  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • In your News Feed section, on the top right side you can see the "Live" option with camcorder icon.
  • Tab the video icon.
  • Allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone when it asks for.
  • Select privacy setting.
  • Provide description.
  • Select Location and tag friends.
  • And Start.



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