Jaffna Tamil Matrimony flowers

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Jaffna Tamil Matrimony flowers.

10:18 AM 3/30/2024

Poo Manavarai

Jaffna Tamil weddings need lot of flowers to celebrate the event and for to make garlands and to decorate the hall.. Flowers are primarily used to beautify the bride, to decorate the wedding halls and some time it may be used to make the wedding stages too. It will cost lot of money to make the wedding stage with flowers. In Sri Lanka flowers are transported from up country. While the Jaffna people in European countries used to get special permission and used to import them through cargo flights. Some people used to throw flowers on the couple from Helicopter when they coming out of wedding Hall. Specially plucked flowers are used for the “Poojas" by the priest to make the wedding rituals. For the garlands too flowers are used in the weddings where lot of flowers is required for the ceremonial wedding event. Selected kinds of aromatic flowers like jasmine and roses are used in the religious ceremonies and decoration of the halls. But in Colombo you can find spray painted flowers are sold to match the Bride's dress. Still many Grooms are using the Ever Green tree leaves and Rose flower on their wedding suite.

Now in this year 2024, natural flowers and artificial flowers are freely available for wedding functions, but at the price of high cost.
This is due to high production and high transport cost in Sri Lanka.
It is better to give the contract to a wedding contractor. Otherwise you have to run all over the place for to collect the followers.

In Sri Lanka professional wedding Garland makers are available in Bambalapitiya, Wellawatte, Kotahena and Mattakuliya area. They can provide beautifully arranged Garlands according to your wishes or you can select from their photo albums. Prices are moderate and the flowers are used according to season.

Bride and all the ladies attending the marriage function used to take much care to get best flowers to decorate their hairdo. Married woman and unmarried girls arrange to get their flowers on that day from their relatives or from the local flower shops. Roses come in the first place when women are selecting flowers for the wedding. While aroma filled Jasmine flower comes in the second place. There after the other flowers comes in, depending to their matching dress color of the wearer.

Jaffna district weddings used to take place in the homes of the brides. People in Jaffna heavily depend on Colombo flower arrangement makers and used to transported via Colombo to Jaffna Luxury passenger busses.Usually at the front of the Homes they used to erect a large makeshift wedding hall called as "Kottakai Panthal". Dried woven coconut leaves are used and to cover it white clothes are used. Youngsters will start their own ideas to decorate the makeshift wedding hall. Crape papers, varnish papers and baskets full of flowers are specially brought from up country. Sri Lanka's up country area is with cold climate and lot of floriculture and flower shops are available there. Now due to up country flower shortage, people cover their halls with large size flex banners.

Sri Lanka use to export lot of flowers to many foreign countries from the up country region, which in turn brings lot of foreign exchange through this flower export. Thousands of rupees are spent on the flowers for the wedding event. People don't care about the spending lot of money for the flowers, as the wedding is a big event of their family.

Decorating a wedding hall is an event where young boys and girls get together laughing, joking and decorating for the event. Finally in one night they may decorate the hall beautifully with the flowers, before the ceremony. Marriage stage "Muththu manavarai" for the wedding ceremony used to be hired.

Wedding Flowers.

Now the "Manavarai" along with the traditional one too are having different versions like "Poo manavarai". The wedding stage is fully made with freshly picked flowers with many designs and patterns that will give the ceremony rich look and it can be a costly one to do as the flowers in bulk are expensive in Srilanka. There are many companies and contractors who undertake these kinds of flower stages. If you are having idea to have one flower stage for your wedding or for your loved one's wedding then you must make those flower work orders early and clearly.

Also, for the Jaffna style wedding, you have to order enough garlands for the wedding ceremony. Normally bride side will need 4 pieces, and bridegroom needs 5, bride need flowers for her hairdo, which is very important in Tamil matrimonial ceremony. These days' beauticians do a wonderful hairdo with the flower for the bride with a long thick hair. And flowers for pooja and reception table and for the marriage registration ceremony are necessary when you are arranging the wedding. For Sri Lanka weddings you can send specially arranged flower Bouquets through online websites with Greeting Messages at affordable price.

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