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Tamil matrimony of Srilanka web site is created for the information and assistance for the young people to get married legally.

The service was originally started for the benefit of the Srilanka people. As the world is now connected through the internet it allows people from all over the world to communicate through web sites. So now our web site is too take part in this and allow all the Thamil people to find suitable partners for them or to their children.

Tamils are living in Sri Lanka and all over the world. Here we provide a page for free profile posting aand one wish to post their profile to find suitable Bride or Bride Groom can post their profile here without any service fee. If you are interested in any of the published profiles, you can contact them without our knowledge, which means that is too a free service from us.

Tamil WeddingWe have added many more pages on the Jaffna traditional wedding rituals.

Finding a correct partner is a great task for the parents of young men and young women. Marriage brokers also take this part depending on the requirement of the parents.

Parents will meet and fix a date suitable for the wedding acceptable to all concerned people and according to the Tamil horoscope.

Also they will fix the date and time to make the special Gold ornament Thaalee. Astrology plays a big part in these auspicious time and date selection. Once everything is agreed and a date and time is fixed for the matrimonial and all the other related works will be started by both parties.

Melting of Gold for the thaalee will take place at the Bride groom's place with special arrangements for the goldsmith to make it and there after all parties will be served with specially prepared food. Later the official registration and the traditional Nuptial Knot ceremony will take place on an auspicious day.

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